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1- Have been abandoned, neglected, rejected, offended, abused or forgotten by a Pastor, those in church leadership or by other Christians that led you to leave the church?

2- Are you interested in learning
and experience the Living Word of God to know what God has for you?

If you answered
YES, then know your not alone.

Many Christians these days, are on their own to learn the Word of God. That is very hard task to do, not knowing what is biblical truth and what is not, without guidance. There is a difference between understanding what the bible says and assuming what the bible says.

Only the Holy Spirit can give you the understanding of the Word of God (John 14:26, 1 John 2:27, John 16:13). All I do is share the Word with you and teach you how to flow with the Holy Spirit through His anointing so you can understand the spiritual side of the Living Word, just as I have made.

Our Mandate

We are a non-denominational Christian Faith Ministry created for Christians without leadership or having very little of it. We offer guidance to people of all age groups, of all walks of life, of all cultures, and of all races and nationalities. We have many of our Pastor friends in third world countries uses our lessons in their Bible studies also!

We dedicated ourselves to prove that God has not abandoned you or anyone, regardless of your spiritual status. God accepts you and them just the way you are, regardless of what the world thinks of you.

How Do We Do It

I put together easy to read lessons that help people learn to understand how to apply God's Word in their day to day life. I simply teach people how to experience for themselves the living Jesus; who is the Living Word. I teach how to have a relationship with God, according to the Bible. I teach the Spiritual side of the Bible. Best of all it's FREE

The "Bible" is called the "Living Word" and not the "Religious Word". The Living Word teachings are ALIVE with power and anointed; the anointing will move you and stir you up inside. You feel different, good and spiritually alive inside. Leaving you saturate and full of the Living Word - not dead, not dry and not empty.

Over time, you will know and understand what is God's purpose in your life with a sense of direction. Your life begins to have a meaning to you. I'm not saying your life is going to be without challenges, but you're not going to go through those challenges alone. The Word will be with you always.

Religious words don't do that. That's because it is spiritually dry and dead, void of the anointing of God, because man only stirs up the mind and not the human spirit like God can. For this reason, religious people leaves the church services feeling the same as when they first arrived - dry, empty and dead inside. Nothing has changed.

See for yourself!

I have prepared a 3 step lessons below and see if it doesn't stir up your spirit and your curiosity to know more!

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